What is the Public Authority Registry?

The Registry is a computerized database (list) of qualified and screened IHSS providers. The Registry has been created specifically to aide IHSS consumers in their search for IHSS providers. The Registry was implemented and is maintained by the Butte County IHSS Public Authority.

An IHSS consumer in need of a provider will request and receive a list of referrals from the Registry. The list of referrals will be specifically matched to each consumer’s individual need for care. It is the consumer’s responsibility to decide which provider best suits his/her needs.

If you are in need of home health care, you can find out if you qualify for IHSS by calling 530-538-7538.

As a health care provider, you may apply to be listed on the Registry by calling the Registry at 530-538-5262, or click on application.

Provider Handbook

Consumer Handbook