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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)?
A: EVV is a federal mandate that requires Medicaid-funded programs to collect additional
information regarding service delivery. EVV will require IHSS providers to include the
following information with regards to working their IHSS hours:
  • Start Time
  • End time
  • Location of where service were Provided

Q:  What is the Electronic Services Portal (ESP)?
A:  ESP is a self- service portal on the internet that allows Providers and Recipients to self-   
      register, enroll, submit electronic timesheets, review & approve timesheets and check     
      Payment status.
      NOTE:  A current EMAIL address for both the Recipient and Provider is required to  

Q:  How do I register to begin using Electronic Timesheets?
A:  Go to the following website to set up an account, select the “New User Registration” link,
      and follow the online prompts: https://www.etimesheets.ihss.ca.govIf you require 
      technical assistance, please call the IHSS Service Desk at (866) 376-7066.

Q:  Can a recipient and provider use the same email address to register in ESP?
A:  Yes, recipient and provider may use the same email. CDSS does have plans to change these
      instructions; therefore, it is recommended that different emails be used.

Q:  What is the Telephone Timesheet System (TTS)?
A:  TTS allows for timesheet review, rejection or approval by landline or mobile phone for both
      Blind Visually Impaired (BVI) and Non-BVI recipients. In May 2020 recipients and providers
      will have the option to enroll in TTS if they are unable to access ESP.

Q:  Can users have both ESP and TTS?
A:  Yes, recipients and providers may opt to use both features of electronic portal in submitting
      timesheets (online) or via the Telephone Timesheet System.

Q:  Can prospective providers register in ESP during pending status?
A:  No, the provider must have been approved through IHSS and have a Provider ID number
      prior to signing up.

Q:  What information should be provided for registration?
A:   First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, 9-digit Provider Number (if you are a provider), 7-digit
       Case Number (if you are a recipient), Active Email Address, Last four digits of your Social
       Security Number
Q:  How do I register to begin using Telephone Timesheet (TTS)?
A:  Please call 1-855-398-8899 or visit your Butte County IHSS Office.   You will need to select a
      4-digit RAN (Recipient Authentication Number) when you enroll.  Once you complete your
      enrollment your Provider(s) are notified

Q:  ESP and TTS is very difficult for me to navigate. Can my provider and/or relative approve   
     and submit my Electronic Timecard?
A:  In order for you to designate an authorized representative to sign and submit your
      electronic timesheet, you must complete and return the Authorized Representative Form
      Part C, Timesheet Signatory  (SOC 839) to either the Adult & Aging Services Lobby or your
      assigned  IHSS Social Worker

Q:  What number do I call to process my timesheets using TTS? Is it the same number BVI
       recipients use to approve timesheets?
A:  There are now two TTS lines:

  • TTS (non-BVI): 833-DIALEVV (833-342-5388)
  • Accommodations TSS (BVI): 844-576-5445
Enrollment and Certification as an IHSS Independent Provider

Q: What is the difference between an IHSS Provider and a Public Authority Registry Provider?

A: Not all consumers nor caregivers are part of the voluntary participation Public Authority Registry.
All people who provide care to an IHSS consumer must complete Provider Enrollment requirements in order to be paid for their services.

The Public Authority Registry is a database of caregivers who applied and accepted by Public Authority to have their names referred to IHSS consumers looking for IHSS certified providers

Q: How can I become a Registry Provider and get referred to IHSS Consumers?

A: To be a Registry provider a caregiver must complete the application process as listed on the cover sheet of the application, regardless of whether or not they are already enrolled as providers. Information on the Registry Application process.

Q: How do I enroll as an IHSS Independent Provider now that county offices are closed due to COVID 19?

A: You can either call or email Public Authority for enrollment information. 
To call (530) 552-6163 or (1-888)337-4477
If you are leaving a voicemail make sure to speak clearly and leave your name, the consumer’s name you will be working for and your call back number.

To send an email DESSPublicAuthority@buttecounty.net
In the subject line – IHSS Orientation Packet for: (type in name of IHSS Client)
Type the provider’s full name, the mailing address to send the IHSS packet too.
Include the following pictures in the email and they are to be in color: Current selfie of the provider, current/not expired government photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, school ID) and Social Security Card

Q: Do I need my Social Security Card to enroll as an IHSS Independent Provider even if I have a copy/number?

A: Yes. You are required to have your Social Security card and a current government issued photo ID in hand. Both Social Security card and government issued photo ID must be the original, not a copy, and the name on both cards must be identical. Your enrollment packet will not be issued without the both cards being verified.

Q: I already had a background check done for another job – do I need to do it again?

A: Yes. Everyone applying to be an IHSS Independent Provider must have a background check done for IHSS, using the forms we provide.

Q: Can I get my background check done before the enrollment to expedite my certification?

A: No. The necessary form to complete your background is issued in the enrollment packet and a packet can only be issued after your consumer has been approved for IHSS and the required IDs have been verified by a Public Authority Specialist.

Q: Does the consumer have any control in choosing a provider?

A: Yes, while IHSS regulations determine the range of services, it is the consumer who drives the program. The consumer decides how the authorized services will be provided. The consumer is entirely responsible for hiring, supervising, and if necessary, terminating individual providers. The Public Authority’s role is to improve the quality of service without interfering with consumer control.